Athlete Performance Training

OTE’s 90-minute group training sessions encompass all facets of athletic performance (speed, agility, power, explosiveness, acceleration, strength, flexibility, injury prevention, vertical jump, AND MORE).  Each athlete is pre-tested to establish baseline data, which is used to design their training program, track daily progress, and determine areas of strength and weakness.  End of summer testing will show you how much your athlete has progressed in just 3 months.  You will be amazed by the changes that happen over a summers worth of training.  


Monday: 4:30 and 6:30pm

Tuesday: 6:30pm

Wednesday: 4:30 and 6:30pm

Thursday: 6:30pm

Friday: 6:00pm

Saturday: 10:30am



12-14 minutes: dynamic warm-up


32-35 minutes: speed, agility, plyometrics, acceleration, deceleration, sprint mechanics, etc.


32-38 minutes: power development, Central Nervous System (CNS) activation, strength, explosiveness, core, conditioning, etc.


10-12 minutes: myofascial release, mobility, flexibility, aggressive stretching, etc. 


All athletes will undergo an athletic testing session prior to group training.  This testing session will give us the data needed to create the athlete's detailed training program.  To schedule your testing session, please complete the above form.  Once we have received the form, you will be contacted ASAP to schedule your testing session.    


(but is not limited to)

  • Anthropometric data:

    • Body composition, height, weight, muscle mass, hydration, etc.


  • Injury Prevention Screening (IPS):

    • Screening to determine fexibility of the quadriceps, hamstrings, IT-bands, hip-flexors, rotator cuff, and ankle dorsi-flexion.  Joint mobility tests will assess range of motion for shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles

  • Power output:

    • Standing vertical jump, approach vertical jump, box jump, and broad jump

      • Sport specific vertical jump tests will be conducted based on sport and recruitment purposes


  • Speed and agility:

    • 10yd sprint, 20yd sprint, and pro-agility.

      • All speed tests are measured using Smart-Speed Laser technology to 1/1000sec.

  • Lower Body Peak Power: 

    • The 6 second Peak Power test will analyze lower body power output (watts) and power to weight ratio (watts/lb).  

Upon completion of the Testing Session, you will receive a link to begin scheduling your athletes sessions.

Package options are as follows (monthly rates):

VIP Package: $225
☑️ UNLIMITED group training sessions
☑️ 2 PRIVATE training sessions
☑️ Free test and evaluation

ELITE Package: $175
☑️ 2 group sessions/week
☑️ Free test and evaluation

ELITE Package: $175 (In-season special)

☑️ 1 group session/week

☑️ Free test and evaluation

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