Group Athlete Training

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OTE's GROUP TRAINING program encompasses all aspects of athletic performance. SPEED, AGILITY, POWER, STRENGTH,  VERTICAL JUMP, FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY, and INJURY PREVENTION are the key components to our all-inclusive, results driven program.  An in-house designed training program is created for each athlete based on exactly what the athlete needs, depending on their season status.  All athletes complete a full test and evaluation session prior to training.  

Private Athlete Training

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Private athlete training sessions are 1-on-1 with a highly certified strength and conditioning coach.  These sessions are specifically designed to address areas such as speed, vertical jump, power, strength, mass, agility, injury prevention/recovery, core, and much more.  Our athletes getting ready for combines, showcases, camps, or tournaments where recruiters will be present, are showing phenomenal increases in offers and contacts with college coaches.  

Speed Development

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Our speed development program will focus strictly on the scientific aspects of increasing speed.  OTE's 4-step approach:

  • Increase Stride Frequency

  • Increase Ground Reaction Force

  • Improve Sprint Mechanics

  • Increase Core Activity and Pelvic Stability

Injury Recovery

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The days of playing through nagging pain are over.  We have significant results eliminating knee, shoulder, hip, and back pain in athletes and adults.  In some cases, extreme knee and shoulder tendinitis or Osgood Schlatter's can be eliminated in 2-3 weeks, or less.  Schedule a FREE consultation to meet with, and get an evaluation from, our in-house Sport Physiologist (Chris Garrett, MS, CSCS).

Sport Recruitment Testing

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Providing current, and accurate, testing data to recruiters and recruitment sites is essential.  Scholarships are primarily based on the numbers.  We use top of the line lasers, radar equipment, and testing protocols to ensure your data is accurate and precise.