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Fascia release to alleviate knee pain

Recovering from a SPORTS INJURY (broken bone, sprain, ligament damage, surgery, tendinitis, etc.) can be a lengthy process, depending on the severity of the injury.  Our ROLE in this process begins once an athlete is released from their doctor, surgeon, and/or physical therapist.  With physical therapy focusing specifically on the injury site, the SUPPORTING MUSCLE GROUPS, opposite limb, and the rest of the body will have been 'out of commission' since the time of injury (typically resulting in significant muscular imbalances).               


OUR PROGRAM progresses the athlete back to TRUE FULL SPEED and ready for competition.  

  • Eliminating and preventing recurrence of tendinitis of the knee, elbow, shoulder, etc.


  • Regain muscular strength, speed, and explosiveness

  • Correct any imbalances that have occurred (hip torsion, single limb muscle atrophy, non-injured limb pain, etc.)

  • Regaining speed and power in the effected area

  • Regaining mobility and flexibility that is lost during initial recovery phase