My nutritional philosophy is 'teaching oriented', which means the guidance is in helping you create a plan that works with your needs, goals, habits, family, fitness, and body type.  There will be a lot of work in the beginning, but within a short amount of time, the food and habits become routine.  You'll be able to shop for food and know exactly how much you need, and how it will fit into your overall plan, without crunching the numbers EVERY TIME.  


This program can be done in-house at OTE, or from anywhere in the world.  The first step, once you've committed to the program, if for me to get as much information from you as possible.  You'll complete our 'General Information and Physical Activity Questionnaire', which will give me the details of your daily routines, habits, and needs.  This will help to avoid nutritional hurdles in your daily or weekly routine and allow you to overcome them.  

You will be required to send weekly (or sometimes more often) body composition readings.  I will help you find a location where you live that has a body composition analyzer, or I can recommend one for you to purchase.  These are ESSENTIAL to your success.  Using just the 'number' on a scale doesn't represent your progress.  It also doesn't allow me to see how your body is adjusting to your nutrition and fitness program.  These readings will allow me to know if you are under eating, which can lead to an increase in fat mass, rather than a reduction.  Part of the teaching process is getting you to set goals based on body composition, rather than just body weight.


The nutritional guidance you receive will be completely based on YOU, and what you need to accomplish your goals.  You will never get a DIET plan from me.  What you WILL get, is the proper fueling (from foods) that will complement your training program.  The goal is to get your body 'running hot' by revving your metabolic engine.  This happens by tapping into more muscle tissue with progressive strength training.  Your body will also LEARN to utilize fats as fuel more efficiently.  The trifecta of health is a perfect combination of strength training, cardiovascular work, and creating just the right nutritional fueling system for both.  


There will be a LOT of work done in the first two months (give or take).  Once you are ready, you will be taking more ownership of your program, but still using me for guidance along the way.  There will be required check-ins, and body composition readings throughout the ENTIRE program.  The length of the program can be determined based on goals and how well you acclimate to the program.  


or TEXT: "Nutrition" to 210-302-2887