Private Athlete Training

60-minute PRIVATE athlete training sessions are tailored to the specific (NON-SKILL RELATED) needs of the athlete.  Examples of current OTE private sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation for a college recruitment camp and/or needing to increase vertical jump

  • Improve pro-agility, 20yd-sprint, and/or 40yd-sprint time for an upcoming sports combine

  • Getting back to 100% after an injury

  • Major flexibility issues needing specialized attention

  • Increasing strength, power, and/or mass

  • Collegiate or professional athlete

  • Verbally committed or scholarship signed athlete needing to increase specific areas (sprint speed, bat velocity, throwing velocity, vertical jump, etc.)

  • Young (9-11yo) athletes for 1-on-1 coaching prior to entering group setting

    • Allows the athlete to learn the flow of a training session, become familiar with lifting technique and drills​