Reviews / Testimonials
OTE would like to thank everyone that took the time to share their experiences and thoughts about us.  It is GREATLY appreciated.  
- Chris Garrett
"I started working out at “Only the Elite” in June 2016. My parents went by the facility and told me they believed that this would be a great place for me to start my training so that I am prepared to play D1 college softball after I graduate. I am currently a senior at Steele High School and have been playing softball/ baseball since the age of 5. My journey is different than most, I was truly blessed with a God given talent to play fastpitch softball at a very high level and was committed to play D1 softball before the start of my freshman year. After my freshman year I had a major injury (SLAP Tear) to my throwing arm and was out for over a year. I had to work very hard after that year off but it wasn’t as easy for me anymore and I was really out of shape. I expected to be the same ballplayer that I was before surgery but unfortunately I was not. I was working out on my own and tried a few other training places but had no success and was really not excited about playing softball anymore because I wasn’t seeing any results. Well, here I am today to tell you that Chris and Mike from “Only the Elite” have given me a brand new outlook on life mentally and for the sport that I truly love. Chris and Mike push me to the limit every time I come in for a workout. The greatest thing is that every session is different and it’s geared towards my individual development towards my sport. With this state of the art training, I am stronger, faster, throw harder, and am more confident than I have ever been. I love coming here because I know when I’m finished with my training I will be ready for my new journey and completely prepared to play softball in college both physically and mentally. This place is amazing and I would highly recommend “Only the Elite” to any athlete that needs to be prepared for college or just wants to gain a competitive advantage in their sport. Thanks OTE!!!"
     - Savanna Bonola
       UT Arlington (Softball)
"Great staff and programs for athletes of all ages!"
     - Teena and James Tanner
     Parent (Athlete Private Training)