Where do I begin?

As of August 6th, 2017, our doors will have been open for 14 months. This past year has introduced us to 161 athletes, 15 adult personal training clients, and 27 Sport-fitters. As all great strength and conditioning coaches or personal trainers will attest, no athlete or client is guaranteed specific results. The reason is because there are too many unknowns. We get our athletes and clients for roughly 3-7 hours each week. No matter how great the program we've created, they have AT LEAST 160 other hours to ruin it. This scares the pants off any strength coach.

The success of a young athlete is a team effort. That team consists of us (OTE), the athlete’s family (parents / siblings, etc.), their sports coaches, and most importantly, the athlete. When the entire team is on board with what it takes to create results, great things happen.

With that said, we've seen some INSANE results this past year. We're not talking about small gains...some of these young athletes are crushing some PR's (personal records). This tells us that not only are the athletes putting in the work here are the gym, they are also following our recommendations for nutritional fueling, staying active outside OTE, stretching on their own, etc., and most importantly, their TEAM is behind them.

My point...our athletes are putting in the time and effort, and their numbers are proving it. This blog will be a place for us to showcase our athletes progress and successes, as well as their sport achievements, college commitments, and even professional accomplishments. In addition to displaying athlete successes, we will also break down the research and data that goes into our training philosophy. The research journals that would make most people’s eyes glaze over are an essential part of our program development. We will periodically take a research article and break it down into "plain English" so you can see how science plays a major part of program design.

Great things are happening here at OTE. Please, jump on board and enjoy the ride!!!

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