Speed Development Program

Qualitative Sprint Diagnosis (QSD)

Sprint drive leg positioning.png

Increasing speed requires a multi-faceted approach.  Our protocol for improving sprint and speed performance is based on 4 key elements.   

  • Improving Sprint Mechanics

    • Our Qualitative Sprint Diagnosis test breaks down each phase of a sprinters gait, from which we improve mechanical efficiency and power production

  • Ground Reaction Force​

    • Increase motor recruitment patterns of glutes, quads, hip-flexors, gastrocnemius, and soleus muscles​ to generate more power as each leg drives against the running surface.

  • Increase Stride Frequency

    • We us the "TANK" to force athletes to reach speeds slightly higher than they are accustomed.​

  • Increase Core Activity​ / Power Production

    • Incline sprints on the "TANK" creates core engagement, as well as forces the athlete to stabilize the pelvis in order to  linear efficiency.​