Sport Recruitment Testing

Test and evaluation of athletes is not only a way to gauge progress, it is also how colleges determine scholarship status.  Colleges and recruitment sites have specific criteria they use to evaluate potential scholarship athletes.  We use only the most accurate testing protocols and equipment to ensure valid and accurate measurements.  All athletic performance training should include initial, and routine, testing of all aspects of performance output.     



  • Height / Weight

  • Vertical Jump

  • Grip Strength

  • Ball Exit Speed

  • Swing Velocity

  • Throwing Velocity

    • Overhand​

    • Pitching​​

      • Fastball​

      • Change-up

  • POP-time​

    • For Catchers​

  • Pro-Agility (5-10-5)​

  • 20yd Sprint​


  • Height / Weight

  • Standing Reach

  • Standing Vertical

  • Approach Vertical

  • Approach Jump Height

  • 2-Hand Block Jump Height

  • Swing Velocity