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          The fitness and nutritional guidance you receive will be completely based on YOU, and what YOU need to accomplish your goals, whether it’s weight loss, toning, building muscle, endurance, or just to LOOK BETTER NAKED.   You will never get a generic workout or ‘DIET’ plan.  Diets are bullshit.  What you WILL get, is the proper fueling (from foods) that will complement your individualized training program and lifestyle.  The goal is to get your body 'running hot' by revving your metabolic engine.  This happens by tapping into more muscle tissue with progressive metabolic, endurance, and strength training.  Your body will LEARN to utilize fats as fuel more efficiently.  The trifecta of health is a perfect combination of strength training, metabolic conditioning, and creating just the right nutritional fueling system for both. 



          The nutrition portion of this program is 'teaching oriented', which means the guidance is in helping YOU create a plan that works with your needs, goals, habits, family, fitness, and body type.  We understand that ‘LIFE HAPPENS’ and a health and wellness program must be flexible and adaptable to your individual lifestyle and situations.  There will be a lot of work in the beginning, but within a short amount of time, the food and new ‘habits’ become routine.  You'll be able to shop for food and know exactly how much you need, and how it will fit into your overall plan, without having to crunch the numbers every time you get ready to eat.    


          You will use our customized app to have access to your individualized training program and videos to guide you every step, and rep, of the way using your own gym or home equipment.  You will communicate regularly, and often, with your coach, to ensure accountability and progress.  Bi-weekly zoom meetings are an option, and highly recommended, so we can talk about things that are too complex for text (training strategy, 'life happens' hurdles, hormonal cycles, etc.).  There will be required check-ins and weigh-ins, and body composition readings throughout the ENTIRE program.  The length of the program is completely up to YOU.